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Anna Jäger i Byens Lys: Medicinplanter

This coming Tuesday, the 19th of November we will have Anna Jäger on Medicine Men, Medicinal Plants and Modern Science at Byens Lys.

Traditional medicine systems are important parts of the health system in most countries. The majority of people on our planet use traditional medicine. What can we learn from traditional medicine? Do we have traditional medicine in the west? Anna Jäger will show examples from her research on providing scientific evidence for the plants used in Africa for diseases of the central nervous system, for maternal health to treat post-partum bleeding, and plants to treat snakebites. What does the future look like for traditional medicine?

Our modern medicine has its roots in traditional medicine. Many drugs have been developed from medicinal plants. Is Nature’s treasure chest still giving us new medicines? Highlights of recent discoveries will be presented. Afterwards, dry ice cocktails while Future Primitive is playing straight up rock. The line up consists of Nikolaj Montin (Drums & Vocals), Rasmus Block (Guitar), Marc Facchini-Madsen (Guitar & Vocals) and Moogie Johnson (Bass).

Entrance to the event is free. No registration is necessary. Doors open at 19:00.

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