We can teach you…

– Basic sound theory
– To evaluate what kind of task you are facing and what recording technique, including what microphone would be the best to use
– To use external sound recording device and to post-synchonize the audio with your footage
– To use filters in post-production to enhance the quality of your audio
– Techniques for high performance stereo recording during at least one major event (concert)

– To evaluate what kind of task you are facing and what recording techniques, including what camera and light setting which would be the best to use
– The difference between different cameras
– Basics of video formats
– Everything about Sony Ex1
– Principles of obtaining pictures of good quality
– Everything about tripods, monopods,

– Basics of lights and lamps
– To set lights for video recording in simple situations
– To use filters
– To use chroma keying

– Workflow in our production, conversion programs for formats
– Everything about FCP 7
– Essentials about Premiere Pro
– Principles for editing video and audio
– Basics of telling a story
– Color grading

Content / Production
– We can suggest many good stories in the neighborhood

– Responsibility of editorial meetings
– Plan and execute a PR campaign for the station
– Report activities to authorities
– Responsibility for broadcast uploads
– Planning of video action learning course
– Planning recordings outside the studio

– Publish daily stories on web site
– Maintain and develop wordpress installation
– Uncover, write and illustrate (still photos) news stories

Studio recording
– To present daily content
– To use a teleprompter
– Interview techniques

We can offer you
– Video production on a contract basis
– Collaboration with CA TV
– Contact to professionals in the media business