Video workshop

We will be running a video workshop this fall, primarily work days from 4-6 or 4-8 PM in October and November for a total of 40 hours. The aim of the workshop is to obtain necessary skills to produce good quality video.

You will hear about the nature of sound and light, microphones and cameras, recording techniques, editing, workflow and legal aspects. We will spend two nights with one of Denmark’s biggest video light companies to practice light setting. We will do productions that will be broadcast in the capital area – a reportage from the culture night, a church concert, and we will (hopefully!) go live one night in preparation for the city council election.

Most of all we hope to bring you the satisfaction of producing quality video and the fun of the process.

You can sign up right here. We will need your signature (just take a picture of it) and your CPR number because the course is supported by the Danish Culture Ministery and they want to know that real people are participating.

If you need more info, write or call me ( / 51 900 300).


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