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Stem cells and their awareness of future self

Stem cells can give rise to any cell in the body. What makes these cells special? How can we control them to generate the desired specialized cells? What can they do on their own and what do we need to provide them with to get them make the cells that can cure debilitating disease? Ultimately they hold the promise for curing debilitating, degenerative diseases such as Parkinsons and Diabetes, but how far are we from generating the cells that could be used to replace damaged tissue? Can we actually use them to generate organs?

Embryonic stem cells are derived from human embryos giving rise to a number of contentious ethical issues. However, these initial moral considerations have now been overshadowed by ever expanding expectations as to what these cells can do. Stem cells have been presented as a therapeutic panacea, are used as commercial argument to sell beauty creams, have been touted as an animal free source of meat, and as a means to encourage dangerous medical tourism. What can really be achieved with stem cells?

Anne Grapin-Botton and Josh Brickman will discuss where we stand with stem cells and their likely application. Can they be used to generate to generate organs, or even embryos, in a dish? They will show how the scientific conception of stem cells is changing from a cell type to a transient state and how this could inform the public debate on the ethics and applications for these incredible cells.

Afterwards, no stem cells in the cocktails but still as delicious as ever, while Nulle and Jakob Munck will play music for humankind.

Entrance to the event is free. No registration is necessary. Doors open at 19:00.

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